This video does a great job teaching kids how to use personal pronouns by giving them a song that will really get stuck in their heads.  It is reallly quite effective with primary / elementary students but will be effective on students of all ages.

Software Tutorials for everyone

Woopid is site that lets users watch video tutorials about all things technology. It is an easy to navigate site with hundreds of videos on using software and hardware products on all major computer platforms. A great site for technology trainers, teachers introducing basic computing functions to students, or just anyone who wants to learn something new.

Genuine 'Old School' Entertainment Video that will Amaze your Students

My mum actually sent me link to this the other day and it really caught my attention as to how everyone has an amazing skill or talent.  Larry Griswold was just such a man. Appearing on the Frank Sinatra show in 1951 Larry and would put any number of our entertainers to shame today without the need for Computer Generated effects or stunt doubles. He is a REAL SHOWMAN - You'll see why.

If you can't see the youtube video you can download it here.

Anyhow... I'll let the video do the talking for me but if you get the chance to share this with your colleagues or students to do nothing else but remember before we had the 'X Games', 'American Idol' and 'So you think you can Dance' there were guys out there pushing the envelope generations ago too and some of them like Larry are still drawing a crowd nearly 60 years later. 

I wonder if anyone will be watching our entertainers in 2070 and who might they be and why? - I am sure there is an essay in that and it would be a great discussion piece.

For more advice on writing a discussion text please be sure to visit

3 Screen Sharing and Narration Tools for Teachers and Students

I find it really easy to learn tasks from a good video tutorial whether it be a youtube video on how to renovate a  house or narrated screen tutorial of how to do complex tasks in Photoshop.  I found these three tools on Edutecher another great resource for web 2.0  tools that you and your students can use to better explain how to do something on the web or desktop.

Bounceis a simple, yet powerful, Webtool that allows teachers and students to take a screenshot of any website and then annotate it simply by dragging a box around any portion of the screen. The annotated screenshot can then be shared via Email, Social Networks, and even embedded. This is a great way for teachers to explain how to use a site or ask questions of the viewer about the content on the site. Easy to use and very useful.

Bubble Comment:allows you to record a video message that pops up when a user visits a particular website. It's a great way for you to personally point out web page features or topics to others.

Camtasia Studio  If you ever need to make a recording of something on your computer desktop so you can share it, this free open source program does the trick. Anything you can see on your Windows desktop can be turned into a standard AVI movie file. If you ever need to create a tutorial or demonstrate what a piece of software can do, this will do it for you.

If you know of any other great tools we wwould love to hear about them.

iPhone iMovie Video Tutorial

This is a very straighforward explanation of how to do basic video editing straight from your iPhone.  You can view the video below or download it here.

How to add clipart and images to Microsoft Office

This video shows how to add images to Microsoft Office and basically manipulate them.  You can view it below or download it here.

How to do better Google Searches

This is a very brief video about how to refine your Google searches and find things faster and with greater precision.  The Video can be viewed below or if youtube is blocked at your school you can simply download it here.

Create a 6 screened video cube with YouCube

YouCube is one of these extremely useless tools you come across on the web until of course you find a use for it. And today I did.  We were looking at music videos over time and how they have changed from the 60's through to 2010 and YouCube was the perfect tool for kids to see how video clips have changed with a 6 faced comparison.  I am sure you can find a use for it too but it is just a bit of fun nonetheless.  Check it out here.