Top 3 Kony 2012 Teaching ideas

Whether or not you buy into the belief that we can change the world via facebook and youtube or this film is one of the slickest propaganda projects of all time; as teachers we need to use topics like Kony 2012 to engage our students because it engages them in a huge way. 

Kony 2012 is an undisputable internet sensation.  Currently at 63 million views the 28 minute film about  ridding the world of one of it's biggest baddest bullies from the comfort of your iPad has struck both a chord and a dagger into the minds of teenagers around the world for it's enthusiasm and simplicity of execution.  The film can be viewed below - but please be careful of the age of students you share this with as it can be a little confronting and misleading in parts.  Use your discretion.

Even if you choose to watch the film with them here are 3 great teaching discussions you can have with your students to help them make an informed decision about what to do next?

What is the difference between Activism and Slacktivism?  Will sticking a poster on a wall or wearing a plastic bracelet really create a cure for cancer or rid the world of it's evils?  Sure it makes us feel good and look to be caring about the world but is it really doing anything? - This is a great debate topic, discussion or essay piece with plenty of meat on both side of the bone be sure to discuss this with your students.

Will making Kony famous solve the problem?  Robert Mugabe has been an incredibly well  known violator of human rights in Africa by every country in the world yet has  ruled as the high profile president of Zimbabwe for decades and  is still in power. 

Alternately in 2011 we saw uprisings in the middle East that led to an almost instantaneous defeat of dictators in Libya and Egypt as a result of social networking leading to people taking a stand for their rights?

How will this model fail or succeed and why?  Brainstorm in groups and complete a Plus, Minus Interesting chart about the film makers approach to this issue.

Why has this film and project been so successful?  As I said earlier whether you love it or hate it you cannot argue its success so far...  It has teenagers actually looking outside their world and feeling as though they can make a difference and skeptics squirming at the level of insult they feel they have been subjected to.

Is it guilt?  Is it the pure simplicity of the film?  Is it a bunch of lies?  Is it genuine idea from a genuine human being?

In groups create a mind map of the strategies that the film has used to get this over every media outlet in the world?

I am sure you have plenty of great teaching ideas and opinions on this topic and I encourage you to share them below and we'll add them t this post.

Genuine 'Old School' Entertainment Video that will Amaze your Students

My mum actually sent me link to this the other day and it really caught my attention as to how everyone has an amazing skill or talent.  Larry Griswold was just such a man. Appearing on the Frank Sinatra show in 1951 Larry and would put any number of our entertainers to shame today without the need for Computer Generated effects or stunt doubles. He is a REAL SHOWMAN - You'll see why.

If you can't see the youtube video you can download it here.

Anyhow... I'll let the video do the talking for me but if you get the chance to share this with your colleagues or students to do nothing else but remember before we had the 'X Games', 'American Idol' and 'So you think you can Dance' there were guys out there pushing the envelope generations ago too and some of them like Larry are still drawing a crowd nearly 60 years later. 

I wonder if anyone will be watching our entertainers in 2070 and who might they be and why? - I am sure there is an essay in that and it would be a great discussion piece.

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