Writing prompts about Melissa Bachman and her lion hunt.


This above image has caused outrage and heated discussion around the world.  

Melissa Bachman posted this photo on twitter with the following statement.  "An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion...what a hunt!"

You have probably never heard of this woman before, but she has forged a career in the media from hunting large endangered species in scantily clad clothing including Grizzly Bears, Zebras, Alligators, Elk and now the king of the jungle, the Lion.

The lion was killed legally in a contained park at an expense estimated at around $20,000 USD which is an entirely separate issue again, but the arrogance and ignorance of publicising the senseless slaughter of an endangered and noble beast has backfired turning the hunter into the hunted.

Millions have voiced their disgust at Bachman and many threats have been made on her own life as a result of here actions.

This is a great topic for writing and will easily inspire action on their behalf.  Here are some writing topics to consider around this topic.

  • Does the hunting of wildlife have any place in this day and age?
  • Is pulling the trigger on a defenceless creature from a secure location hunting or murder?
  • Is there any coming back from an action like this?  Write an apology from Bachman's perspective that might in some way satisfy her aggressors.
  • This woman has a right to earn a living any way she wants write a letter justifying her actions.
  • How could we use this as a positive to stop paid African big game hunting in future?  Write a letter to the African government expressing your opinions around this issue. 
  • Does paid big game hunting actually save wild animals?  Write an argumentative essay supporting your view

Please write in your own ideas in the section below.