Using picture books to grow as a writer


Picture books are a fun activity when children are young.  As they get older, they begin to read less and less of these colorful, artistic works.  What most students and teachers fail to realize is that picture books can be a great resource for reviewing idea development, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions.  These are founding principles of writing and should be emphasized during all writing assignments.  These are a number of ideas provided in this lesson to structure how to use picture books to teach writing. 

Essential Questions

·      how can picture books help me to become a better writer?

·      what can the picture books teach me about the six traits of writing?

Methods / Teaching Strategies

·        Direct instruction

·        Group work

 Assessment of Learning

·         Class participation

·         Completion of mini lessons, writing activities, etc.   

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Kevin Cummins

ICT Consultant with over 60 schools in Victoria Australia. Google Certified Teacher, Masters of I.T Education and above all else husband and dad.