Google's Sneaky Calculator

It's even correct!  Amazing!

It's even correct!  Amazing!

So a couple of months back I posted a short article about Google's Sneaky Timer that is built into it's search engine. 

It seems as though Google is forever revealing new tools to us that very few of us know even existed, and the calculator definitely fits that category too.

Simply type a sum into Google ie: 34*6 or 2+2 and shazam it will not only spit out the correct answer but provide you with a decent simple and / or scientific calculator if you really want to settle in for a while.

A colleague of mine also advise me that if you turn your monitor upside down you may be able to spell "boobs." if you punch in the right sum!!  Enjoy

Encalc - The Free Online Scientific Calculator

Encalc is an online scientific calculator. Key features include the ability to handle units and dimensional analysis, to perform symbolic algebra and calculus, to define variables, and to lookup values from its large database of physical constants. Integration, differentiation, parentheses and scientific formulas are also supported.  Access Encalc here