Test your students geography knowledge with this online quiz tool

The world quiz is a very simple graphical quiz that students of nearly any age will understand with ease.  It doesn't give back a great deal of information to inform you where you went right or wrong, but if you simply want your students to know where countries are in the world then this will do the trick.

You can select specific regions and different aspects of geography to suit your needs.  Access the world quiz here.

Create your own online quizzes

Last year I came across Proprof's Brain Games maker which was a brilliant resource that allowed you to create brain games and embed them into a blog or web space.

This year Proprof's have continued to add to their stable of high quality  and totally free educational products with their new quiz school.

Quiz School is the quiz maker of choice for many. It offers the many cutting-edge industry features such as statistics, analytics, geographic user identification, flexible result types, style customizations and seamless integration with other websites. Quiz school also supports a wide variety of quiz question styles so you can choose the right ones for your quiz. It is like "YouTube Of Quizzes", where online quizzes can be easily created, tagged, discussed and shared across the web, much like YouTube allows for videos.

ProProfs Quiz School creates a social environment around online quizzes for "fun" as well as "learning". With a focus on flexibility, the many features within the site can be combined so that you can make your own quiz for a wide variety of applications like exams, recruitment, online tests, training or just plain fun quizzes. You can use Quiz School to create a free quiz for your classroom, company, blog or friends.

There are many different styles of quiz available and below is a a presentation displaying what ProProf's offers.  Check it out here.

All you need to know about the flags of the world

FLAGITUP provides national flags from all the major countries in the world and lots of information on each particular country. Users can learn about the countries of the world and even take up the challenge of the Flagitup quiz!

Microsoft Mouse Mischief - Will this keep us Awake during PowerPoint Presentations?

Mouse Mischief is a tool that Microsoft makes available free of charge, and that allows teachers to work with Microsoft Office PowerPoint to make interactive presentations. With Mouse Mischief, teachers can add multiple choice questions to their presentations, and large groups of students can answer the questions using mice connected to the teacher’s PC.

Mouse Mischief not only gives students the ability to engage, have fun, and learn in new, interactive ways, but it also provides teachers with a more affordable alternative to purchasing expensive student response systems, commonly known as clickers, by letting students use affordable wired or wireless USB mice that their school already own.

How does Mouse Mischief work?

It’s simple. After Mouse Mischief is installed, the Mouse Mischief toolbar will appear as part of the PowerPoint ribbon when a new or old PowerPoint presentation is opened. This intuitive Mouse Mischief toolbar lets teachers add interactive elements such as multiple-choice question slides with a single click.

Mischief Is this a pyramid

When the teacher opens a Mouse Mischief enabled presentation, students in the classroom can answer each question by clicking it with their uniquely designed mouse cursor. Once the students have selected their answers, the teacher can display the correct answer.

The best part? Mouse Mischief gives teachers the option to have their students answer questions individually or as part of a team, in order to encourage both competition and collaboration in the classroom.

How does the teacher stay in control?

Mischief Find the cube

Special teacher controls allow the teacher to disable student’s mouse cursors, navigate between slides, set timers, and more. With Mouse Mischief the teacher is always in control, whether there are two or 25 cursors on the screen.

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