Literacy Ideas for primary and elementary teachers

When I first started teaching many moons ago finding resources on the internet was quite a different process to what it is today.

There was a lot less commercialism, things were a great deal more disorganised and so on... I always remembered using a website with my kids called Jenny Eather's writing fun which just had great ideas for teachers and students about teaching different styles of writing.  It was really easy to use, engaging for the kids and just made sense... It was great.

Anyhow, writing fun got bought out by a larger company and became a paid website which greatly reduced it's appeal.

But last week I was introduced to a very similar site to writing fun called  It's completely free, broken down into different styles of writing and actually has a a load of great free content to downlaod or share on an interactive screen with your students.

I strongly recommned taking a look at if you teach writing to primary / elementary students and would love to hear if you know of any other great sites similar to this. 


Fable PLanning Tool.PNG

Fables are a great way for young readers to about some of learn life's important lessons.  They are also an excellent opportunity for writers to share important messages that are relevant to them now. 

Last week we used TheFable Planning Toolto construct fables with my grade 6 students, learning about messages, symbolism and even reading some of Aesop's work to learn how to construct a fable that will stand the the test of time. 

The at the end of the week we published our fables as picture story books and read them to our junior school.  The kids loved the process and it was a nice change in their narrative writing schedule at their age.

This planning tool includes a storyboard, examines characters and, setting and includes a large range of morals to get children in the right frame of mind. 

You can download theFable Planning Toolhere.  Enjoy.

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