Maths Card Game - High Card - Addition

A game suitable for students from Prep to Year 6 from Michael Ymer.

Two students place a deck of cards in front of them face down. Remove the Kings, Jacks, and Jokers. The Ace represents the number one and the Queen represents a zero. All other cards are face value. 

Chn share out all the cards and place their cards in front of them in one pile.

Player one turns over his/her top two cards and adds them up ie. 7 and 10 = 17. Player two then turns over his/her top two cards hoping to get a higher score than player one. Whoever has the higher score takes all 4 cards and places them at the bottom of their pack. Play continues until teacher says stop or all cards are used. Player with most cards wins.


Turn over three cards, Subtract, turn over three cards and add and subtract between cards to make greatest total. Make the largest two/three digit number, multiply