Flash Classroom

What is it?  Flash Classroom is a great site for those want to learn how to create Flash content using Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4.  Flash is a platform that allows you to create multimedia presentations, simple games and manipulate photos and videos.  Flash is really a cool tool for teachers and students to grab your audiences attention.

How can I use it in my teaching and learning?  Flash classroom has a number of tutorials specifically aimed at the teacher to create interactive white board presentation content.  A simple drag and drop game or animate images and shapes.  you can simply put your older (teenagers) on this to learn the basic concepts of Flash for a great starting point.

What level of expertise is required?  Look, this site is aimed at the novice or totally uninitiated Flash user and it could not be any simpler for that audience.   But remember  Flash is a computer programming language and if you are not familiar with it at all there will be a relatively steep learning curve.  My advice is to get some of your more advanced or older kids to work through some of the tutorials at the same time and share the knowledge around.

Would love to hear from anyone who has had a shot at flash classroom it is available here.