Sell your Teaching Resources and educational products through Edgalaxy

Do you have an educational resource or product you wish to sell to teachers around the world at a cost effective price?

We would like to help you achieve this without breaking the bank.  From Feb 1 2016 we will be running a limited offer of ten advertisements sitewide.  ***Please note***  There are only ten slots up for grabs and will not be offered again until August 1 2016.

Who are we? You may rightly ask

  • We are a seven year old established educational site recognized internationally for a mixture of quality free resources and insightful articles. 
  • Edgalaxy averages over 100,000 page views per month in the slowest of months and around 180,000 per month during peak times. (Happy to prove this if you are interested.)
  • We are Page one on Google for numerous educational related phrases such as "Essay Topics" - "Educational Quotes" and many more.  Test it yourself... 
  • We have a large presence on social media with over 5,800 Twitter Followers, over 3,500 Facebook Page likes and are very active on all major major social media platforms.
  • Our site is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly.
  • Although we are globally recognized our largest Audience is in the United States (Approx 38 million Teachers.) United Kingdom (Approx 2.5 million Teachers) and Australian and New Zealand (Approx 350,000 Teachers.)
  • We are by no means the New York Times and do not pretend to be, but we are a larger and established player in the educational space and are a sought after destination for advertisers.

So here's the deal

For $120 USD you can purchase one of these ten slots for the next six months which will begin running Feb 1.

It will be placed in the right hand column, running site wide and as part of a randomly rotating advertisement widget refreshing every 8 seconds.  (see below for example.)  


You will need to create an advertisement measuring 300 x 250 pixels which links to one location on the web. 

This is a great opportunity for teachers wishing to sell products created on online market places such as Teachers pay Teachers, TES Educational Resources and Designed By Teachers and so on... I can personally attest to a large spike in sales as a result of advertising our teaching resources on

Maybe you just want to advertise your own blog.  The choice is yours...

We do not promote non educational products...  So please don't ask!!!  

If you are interested please email and it will be a simple case of first in best dressed.  

Payment will have to made via PayPal com and as soon as you have paid your invoice your position will be locked in.  You do not have to have your advertisement created until Jan 30 however..

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kev and Belinda