Flow Chart

Flow Chart-Thinking-Tool.JPG

Purpose: A flow chart can be used to sequentially order ideas or events. It is easily adaptable to extend student learning and can be used in many different learning areas. This is a popular tool to use when planning a recount reflection for writing or when exploring the life cycle of animals etc.

Download the Flow Chart Here

The Brainstorm thinking tool


A brainstorm is great tool to use to allow students to draw or write down their thinking about a topic. You need to write down the topic in the middle of the page. They then draw lines coming out of the middle. Connecting each line is key words about the topic. You can then have more branches coming off from these ideas. A tool for planning writing, reflecting on an excursion, or use sharing knowledge about a mathematical concept.  You can draw and write your ideas.

Download the Tool Here

The BAR thinking Tool


The Bigger, Add and Replace table can be used to develop students thinking about a topic. You can use it around your Integrated Topic, a debate or an issue you maybe discussing. The idea is to think of a topic or obeject and see how you can make it bigger, what you can add and the how you can replace something. You could do it on a piece of technology, an object or an animal you are researching.