Decision Generator for Students


This graphic organizer is a great tool for students struggling to make a logical decision.  It encourages them to look at the pro's and cons and explore alternatives which they might not ordinarily consider.

Download it here.

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Printable SCAMPER Thinking Tool


A SCAMPER thinking tool is similar to a BAR (Bigger, Add Replace). It can be used to think differently or make changes to a topic, issue object etc. It encourages students to:

  • Substitute a part for something else
  • Combine two parts together
  • Adapt a section of it to look different
  • Modify a section to make it bigger or smaller
  • Put something new on it
  • Eliminate something from it
  • Reverse the location the location of something on it

Download the SCAMPER Tool here.

The Webs Best Collection of Thinking Tools


Hel lo, World!

Flow Chart-Thinking-Tool.JPG

 Last month we began offering the webs best collection of free classroom posters to Print and download and beautify your classroom.

This month we are offering an excellent collection of Thinking tools specifically aimed at teachers and students to help them improve their logical ordering of ideas and enhance creativity. 

Today we are proud to publicize these thinking tools and will be adding a new thinking tool every day.

We have begun the collection with over fifteen different thinking tools you can download immediately and like our classroom posters have, these will grow dramatically over the next few weeks.


All of these tools have been produced as high resolution images and will print in great quality at nearly any size.

So enjoy our Thinking Tools and feel free to let us know if there is any specific thinking tool or strategy you would like to see added to the collection.

PMI Chart: Plus, Minus, Interesting - Thinking Tool


A PMI chart is an effective reflection tool to allow students to look at the whole picture of an event. It allows you to look at the positives, the minuses and what are some interesting factors. You could use a PMI individually, with a partner, small groups or in whole class discussions. This procedure could be implemented after Literacy Teams, after playing team games, after reading an information book or at the end of an integrated topic.

Download the PMI here

The 5 Whys Thinking Tool


The 5 Why’s procedure can be used for any activity when you want tease out different reasons for completing a task or why something did/did not happen?

It allows students to be able to form a series of answers for a certain activity and demonstrates several different points of view.

Download the 5 Whys thinking Tool Here