Inference Vs. Evidence Reading Group Activity

T Chart - Inference Vs Evidence.PNG

Help your students better understand how to infer what is happening within a text by using this Inferring Vs. Evidence T - Chart.  It is a great idea for reading group Activities.

Use this tool with a text of your choice to find inferences.   Then provide evidence to support it.  This will reinforce student confidence in drawing conclusions about things they read.

This and many other thinking tools can be found here.

Download the inference vs Evidence T Chart here.

Use this U-Plan template to write great stories

U PLanner Narrative.PNG

Planning a narrative can be a difficult task for younger and inexperienced writers.  Narratives allow so much freedom and versatility over other text types that they can become a mess of well meaning ideas if a poorly planned.

This planning tool allows students to work through 8 simple stages to plan a well constructed  narrative including the editing phase. 

It is best suited to elementary / primary students or older writers who have difficulty organising ideas.  Enjoy!

Download the U-planner Here.