KWHL Chart - Thinking Tool


Hello, World!

A KWHL can be used to track students learning of a particular topic or concept over time;

  • The K stands for ‘What I already know’ (used to gain prior knowledge)
  • The W stands for ‘What I want to learn’
  • The H stands for ‘How I will find this information’ and;
  • The L stands for ‘What I have learnt’. This is a particularly effective tool to use during an Integrated Topic.

It can also be a great portfolio piece to demonstrate the learning process of the student.

Download KWHL Chart

PMI Chart: Plus, Minus, Interesting - Thinking Tool


A PMI chart is an effective reflection tool to allow students to look at the whole picture of an event. It allows you to look at the positives, the minuses and what are some interesting factors. You could use a PMI individually, with a partner, small groups or in whole class discussions. This procedure could be implemented after Literacy Teams, after playing team games, after reading an information book or at the end of an integrated topic.

Download the PMI here