printable geoboards

Follow these instructions on how to use geoboards to teach math

Then feel free to download our free geoboard templates here. 

Printable 100 counting charts for students

Use these printable 100's charts to teach your children or students all the numbers from 1 - 100.  There is a blank and numbered template and they are a great tool for developing number fact knowledge.

Click here to download

What is the chance printable thinking tool

Use this tool with your students to record their understanding of chance.  Simply pose a question and get them to record what they think the likelihood of that event occurring might be.

Click here to download the chance recording tool

Printable Five and Ten frames to teach counting skills

Tens Frames are used to teach children complements of 5 and 10.  They use these to practice what’s missing from a set to make it complete.   The ten frame uses the concept of benchmark numbers (5 and 10) and helps students develop visual images for each number. For example, this device makes it easy to see that 6 is 1 more than 5 and that 6 is 4 less than 10.

Click here to download your free 10 and 5 frame templates

There are some great ten frame resources on the web.  See these websites for ideas.

Smart Board Lesson:

Using 10 frames to add and subtract up to 20:

Above Reference:

Additional References:


Battleship printable PDF.jpg
battleship classic PDF.PNG

Battleship is a classic game of strategy and logic kids of all ages love to play.  Best of all, it is a great to play in your maths class as it teaches students how to use acartesian planeand understand how to use co-ordinates on a grid.

I have made up two PDF versions of the classic battleship game you can download and print

The first one is thetraditional battleship gameand the second one is the slightly more advanced4 quadrant version of Battleshipwhich is more suited to secondary students.

"You just sunk my Battleship!"


Printable Grid & Grid Paper of all Sizes


It can be hard to find simple graph or grid paper when you need it in the classroom or if you are working at home.  So I have made up a variety of common sized graph paper for you to download and use for FREE.

These can be used for a variety of maths, science or design purposes.

Please select the appropriate size below

A4 PAPER (210 X 297 MM) OR (8.3 X 11.7 INCHES)

5mm Squares

10mm Squares

1/4 Inch Squares

A3 PAPER (297 X 420 MM) OR (11.7 X 16.5 INCHES)

5mm Squares

10mm Squares

1/4 Inch Squares

U.S LETTER(216 X 279 MM)  OR (8.5 X 11 INCHES)

5mm Squares

10mm Squares

1/4 Inch Squares

U.S LEDGER (279 X 432 MM) OR(11 X 17 INCHES)

5mm Squares

10mm Squares

1/4 Inch Squares