Winter time math word problems

Students really enjoy the opportunity to solve math word based problems as it places maths in a context that is real to them.  I have put together a collection of winter themed maths word problems in a worksheet aimed at students aged 9 to 12 years old.  Click here to download.

Great lesson for students about riddles


Riddles are often called “brainteasers” because they cause a person to have to think outside the box. This means that answers to riddles often have a double or veiled meaning. 

This activity will allow students to develop an understanding of what a riddle is and how to look at solving riddles.  The riddles worksheet and activity provides students with the opportunity to gain some basic knowledge and practice in reading and solving riddles.

Click here to download the free four page lesson plan.

Free Christmas wordsearches, puzzles and crosswords


Provided here is a word search puzzle that includes some key symbols of the Christmas season.  Students will have fun searching for these key words.  There is also a crossword puzzle provided that gives sixteen clever clues that gets kids thinking about American traditions and symbols of the Christmas season.  These fun classroom resources will provide great filler for time when one-on-one remediation or other small group work needs to be completed.  Students can work independently to complete the word search, the crossword puzzle, or both.  Best of all, they will be smiling because of the pleasant reminder that Christmas is near!

Click here to download these activities

Lesson Plan: Using Wikipedia as a reading and writing tool

Wikipedia has really cleaned up its act over the last couple of years to become a far more reputable site than it ever has been. As a teacher I now feel far more confident in letting my students use it for researching general information as long as they are aware of the model upon which Wikipedia is built and recommend verifying a fact from a second source such as a .edu site.

I recently put this activity and worksheet  together for my students to use in our reading hour to give them a platform for generating ideas for the writing hour.  It works as follows using Wikipedia or any other great information sites you feel comfortable with.

Students have to spend 15 minutes researching something on Wikipedia that personally interests them.  It can be absolutely anything.  This covers the text-to-self element of the activity.

Secondly students will look at the Text-to-World element of reading for fifteen minutes by researching and reading about events that affect our world.  This could both a recent event or an ongoing issue such as climate change.

Finally students will make a link to a book that they are currently reading by researching a person, place or event that is related to their text being read or maybe recently finished.

When Students have completed the 45 minutes of reading they bring their sheets back to the group to discuss what they have found and also outline one of the three writing ideas they generated by completing the attached wikipedia recording sheet.

The next phase of the task is to begin putting those writing ideas into action.

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Access Algebrahelp here.

Great Collection of Interactive Reading Activities

I came across E-reading worksheets today and will definitely be using it with my own class as it has a huge collection of reading activities for all major text types.

What are ereading worksheets?

ereading worksheets are Flash based online quizzes about reading skills. These quizzes give students practice with a variety with reading skills such as identifying figurative language, determining the narrator’s view point, recognizing the author’s purpose, understanding text structure and more.

How can I use ereading worksheets?

Students can print the results of their ereading worksheets. Because of this, teachers can assign students to complete ereading worksheets as extra credit, class assignments, or even homework depending on computer access within the community and school. The best part is that ereading worksheets are graded for you.

But, can’t a student just print 10 copies of their results?

Not that easily. Before taking the quiz, the student is prompted to enter their name. The name they enter will then be printed on their results page. If a student wants to change the name on the results page, they will have to retake the quiz. Because the answers shuffle each time the quiz is taken, completing the quiz for other people requires work.   Students will always be able to devise methods to game the system, but ereading worksheets will make them work for it.

Cool, anything else?

Yes. At the bottom of each ereading worksheet is a text field containing code. If you click on the text box and cut and paste the code into an html field on your blog or web page, the ereading worksheet should display on your page without ads. This is a great way to enhance your classroom blog or website. What, you don’t have a classroom blog? Get one free.  And don’t forget to check out the ereading worksheets.



Teaching Apostrophe's to Little Tackers

Teaching apostrophes can be a difficult concept to younger students but I cam across this great collection of printable resources from  Download this PDF file here and you will find a great collection of ideas and resources to teach apostrophes to younger students.

Learning Maths through Play at

Why Math Games?

Hooda Math believes in math learning through play. Mr. Edlavitch credits board and card games for his early enjoyment of mathematics. Hooda Math believes free online math games can do the same for students today.


Hooda Math can be used in a number of ways. Their online math games can be used for computer lab activities with/without Theirfree math worksheets. Their math games can also be used with your interactive whiteboards, check out our SMARTboard Games page. Middle and Highschool students can do Math Movie projects with and submit them to us for publication. A classroom teacher favorite is their free online math tool, Math Timed Tests that emails individual reports back to teachers and students.

Hooda Math was created by Michael Edlavitch, a middle school math teacher. Web design is done by his wife Teresa. Last year Michael left classroom teaching to focus on Hooda Math full-time. How else would Hooda Math put up 3 new cool math games a week?