The Ultimate Keyboard and Mouse for your IWB

I don't regularly promote products but sometimes you start using something in your daily routine that you just have to share with others, and this is it for me at the moment. 

The Phantom Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is ideal for moving around the room and using your interactive whitebaord.  Both you keyboard and mouse are all contained witin one unit You can use it on your lap from anywhere in your classroom. Students can pass it around and it is extremely sturdy.

The Phantom Wireless Lapboard and The Phantom Wireless Laser Mouse together are a combination wireless keyboard and mouse where the keyboard opens to a hard mousing surface at adjustable rotating angles, that enables users to work or play from a desk, couch, easy chair or any comfortable setting for a classroom,  internet TV, HTPC or Gaming,

The Phantom Lapboard is the only wireless computer peripheral which allows the consumer to use a “mobile desktop”;the hardware combination is designed to allow full control of the keyboard and mouse without the need to be sitting upright at a desk.

Anyhow the Phantom lapboard will set you back around $130 USD from and is the ultimate setup for the teacher who likes to teach from various parts of their room.  If you have a few spare dollars in your budget your teachers will love you for this great little unit

iPhones and iPod Touch in Education

With sales of over 100 million and over 50,000 applications available on them the iPhone and iPod touch are pretty much underrated as a teaching and learning tool.  Jacqui Sharp has put together a great site that has the best apps for students and teachers and even has some uselful lesson ideas for these great little devices.  It is available here and if you or your kids have access to either of Apple's little wonder toys then check it out.