Make your own webquests

Although they may seem a bit old-school webquests are a great way for students to explore the web in a semi controlled environment to uncover your clues, tasks and concepts you have set for them.  Last term my kids completed a space webquest which we altered a little to suit our own needs that our students thoroughly enjoyed and found heaps of information along the way. is a great resource for teachers who are a little unsure of where to start with webquests and has a number of resources, hints and even online webquest generators that will get you up an running on your own web quest in minutes. 

How can I use this in my classroom?  I think webquests have a shelf life that becomes a little stretched beyond primary / elementary school as high-school students will really want to utilise their own enquiry and research skills.  But if you want to engage your younger kids in an explorative and directed task and provide safe web links then I am sure you find useful.