BBC Data Art - Visualise the web

Data Visualisation is a great way to make sense of the amazing amount of data avaialble to us in 2010 and the BBC have being getting all creative to bring us their latest offering BBC Data Art.  Here are a few examples of how it works.

  • Flared Music

    Flared Music

    Flared Music is a simple Flash visualisation which shows relationships between musicians as stored in the BBC Music / Musicbrainz database.

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  • 3d Documentary Explorer

    3d Documentary Explorer

    A visualisation using a BBC documentary as its data source. Explore material used in the making of the programme in 3d.

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  • SearchWeb


    See how BBC search results are distributed across different sections of the site, and use the tree structure to navigate.

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  • News  Globe

    News Globe

    Search for BBC News and Sport articles and see the place names in them geocoded onto a 3D globe.

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Check it out here.