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Creaza is a suite of web based applications that would be useful in any class situation from round year 5 up.  A Video Editor, Movie Editor, Mind Mapping tool and Comic Strip Creator.  Check below for a detailed description of each of these below. 

The quality of each app is very high especially the mind mapping tool and audio editor that is not quite up to the standard of Myna but it is still quite solid nonetheless.  Creaza is totally free but does offer some extras for hardended users for a small fee.  I strongly recommend checking out Creaza as it is simply a one stop shop for web based creativity and multimedia and by the look of their blog they don't look to be just stopping at these four worthwhile apps.

Once your students have created a login account they can express their ideas and concepts in innovative and creative means through Creaza.  Check it out here.

Mindomo – The Mind Map Tool

With Mindomo, you can organise and get an overview of thoughts, ideas, links, and other information visually.

In order for the brain to remember what you learn, knowledge needs to be categorised.  To make the learning process easier and more fun, you can use the mind map tool to make a map of your thoughts and sort them thematically.

The mind map is well suited to exploring new material, looking at connections between new and known knowledge, and organising material for further development.

Mind map topics can contain media files and links, as well as text.


Cartoonist – The Cartooning Tool

With Cartoonist, you can compose multimedia stories.  You can use the tool to create comic strips or more personal digital narratives.

In Cartoonist, you will encounter thematic universes with backgrounds, characters/figures, and various objects that you can paste into the frames.  With this tool, you can also create title cards, speech balloons, thought balloons, or scream balloons.  You can also combine all this with your own images.

Your cartoon will be organised into a strip with several frames, which can be presented both on the web and printed out on paper.

Click here to see a video demo



AudioEditor is designed to help you produce your own audio clips.  You can splice together your own version of a newscast, a radio commercial, or a radio interlude, play it back later, and compare it with the original.

AudioEditor is also well suited for making radio reports and radio plays, and you can publish the finished sound clip as a podcast.

This tool follows established conventions for sound editing, allowing you to place sound files along a timeline, across several channels.

You can also record sound and add it as a track on top of your final edit.


MovieEditor is designed to help you produce your own multimedia, based on fully developed thematic universes, with video and sound clips.


You can edit a short film or splice together your own version of a newscast, a commercial, a film trailer, or a TV interlude, play it back later, and compare it with the original.

MovieEditor also allows you to experiment with how different music or sound effects change your understanding of moving pictures.  You can use the movie editor to import your own film clips, sound clips, and images, and splice them into your story.

This tool follows established conventions for film editing, synchronising video, images, sound, and text on a timeline.