Viddix; Create interactive Web Videos in a flash.

What is it:  Viddix is a web based video publishing site that allows you to make your movies interactive.  For example if you are talking about a site viddix will allow you to add a banner on the screen that the audience can click and link to it.  In the dual screen format Viddix allows you to show a document such as a PowerPoint Presentation or a website whilst you are talking about it.  Pretty Cool, but the best way to work it out is to see it for yourself below:

How can I integrate this into my classroom? Viddix will allow you and your kids to make those boring presentation videos more like a studio professional production in which the audience can make their own decision on what they want to see.  A simple real world application of this might be to make a cooking video with the recipe, links and pictures embedded in the film.  I am sure you can come up with loads of other ideas.  I'd love to hear them Viddix is available here and has both free and paid options depending on how far you want to go.

I have embedded 2 examples below. - The top is the Overlay Style and the Bottom is Dual Presentation Mode