Would you like to do some guest blogging with us?

From time to time we often get people who wish to write an article for us as a guest blogger.  We do appreciate our readers sharing their thoughts and have now set up a guest blogging submission area for you to upload your article to us in any format. 

If you have something worthwhile to say on a topic in the educational field we would love to hear it.  We are happy to help to help out another  blogger by including a single link to your own site but will NOT publish articles that are blatantly promoting a commercial product or service.

Obviously your submitted content must be your own complete.  So if you have something you would love to share with the world then let us help you do it and upload your article today.  Most content is published within 24 hours of review.

Share your great lesson ideas with the world

Have you got a great lesson plan, unit of work or teaching resource that you really want to share with others?  If you do we would love to help you share it with the world.

We always give you full credit for your work and it will be permanently available for you and others for eternity here on Edgalaxy - and yes it will always remain free.

It is as simple as uploading your plan in any format to our lesson plan section and we will then post it in the relevant teaching section and email you let you know where it is located.

We look forward to sharing in your great ideas and further developing high quality FREE teaching and learning material.

Share your files with the world. Lesson Plans, Apps, Videos etc.

This weekend I added a new section to Edgalaxy that allows you the audience to share your files with us and the rest of the world.  Lesson Plans, Video files, Applications the works. 

There is no restriction to file type and a whopping 1 GB size limit applies to a single file. 

We would love to share content you provide us in whatever manner you suggest and always give full credit to those that have supplied content to us.  You can upload your files here and we look forward to offering greater interaction with our audience.