Start your own TV Studio at School Series

This year our school has increasingly used film in the classroom to create some pretty impressive and amazing learning experiences that have proven winners with students, staff and parents. 

Film is as easy and cost effective as it has ever been and you should really be looking at film as an excellent platform to support your curriculum program across all year levels if you are not doing so all ready.

This is a a pretty massive area to cover so I am going to cover the areas below with at least one section addressed weekly as a minimum.  Obviouslly I will still be posting regular news and ideas on top of this also.

1:  Start with the end in mind - Linking curriculum to Film Creation.

2:  The Right Tools for the Job - What to buy and what to avoid wasting money on.

3:  Editing, Publishing and Sharing:  How to churn out a film Spielberg would be proud of and sharing it with your intended audience.

4:  The Green Screen:  What can you do with a Green Screen and how to use it.

5:  Going Further:  What are some outlets for your budding film makers and what can they do next.

Stay tuned to this channel - subscribe to our RSS feed if you want to keep updates and if there is anything else you would like to have added or have any feedback I'd love to hear it.


Television in the Classroom.

Live television offers a range of educational programs and general viewing that is far too often overlooked as a genuine classroom resource.  If you are fortunate enough to have the offerings such as Australia does with the ABC which publishes lesson plans, programs and resources specifically targeted at educators and updates them weekly then you should try utilise some of these in your own class time.Read More