Awesome trick lesson to convince your students to follow instructions.

Jarrod Sing,  a colleague of mine passed on this excellent resource which I would highly recommend to anybody teaching students aged 9 - 90.

Essentially, the lesson is a trick in which you hand out the activity sheet and ask them to follow the directions carefully, as we are focussing on following procedures today.

In nearly 99 percent of all cases your students will follow each of the steps and do all of the ridiculous things that are requested of them. Because generally no one follows instructions carefully.

Why?  Because they never follow the first step - which was to read ALL of the instructions before doing anything.  If they do read all instructions as requested they will find out they have absolutely nothing to do.

It is a great discussion prompt for your students about how poor we are in general at following and reading instructions and then exploring the importance of following procedures.

Anyhow you can download the Activity sheet here and spend a good 10 minutes feeling very smug and clever yourself as you see your students fail miserably at this incredibly simple task.