Virtual Piano for students: Great for Touch Screens


Use your mouse to play the keyboard. You can also play chords and add drum beats. Don't forget your earphones!  Tryour hand at composition or play long to the drum beats.  Check it out here.

Is the HP slate what the iPad should have been?

Recently I applied for a grant to trial touch technology with my students and I was planning to purchase some iPad's and iPod's.  However today I found the HP slate which looks every bit as good as the iPad but it offers Adobe Air, Flash and Shockwave and runs natively on Windows 7 supporting all its software.  Having been disappointed with the iPad due to it's short fallings and lack of flash & Air support I may hold out for the HP Slate.

The whole lack of Flash and Air is ridiculous from all Apple products and it is purely driven by the fact that as soon as they enable it iTunes is dead as anyone can offer apps for sale and free without letting Apple get a handout from every transaction.  iTunes is not only the worst media player available on any platform for my money but also out grown itself as Apple's very obese cash cow and needs a major overhaul

Check out these videos of the HP slate below and make up your own mind.

iPhones and iPod Touch in Education

With sales of over 100 million and over 50,000 applications available on them the iPhone and iPod touch are pretty much underrated as a teaching and learning tool.  Jacqui Sharp has put together a great site that has the best apps for students and teachers and even has some uselful lesson ideas for these great little devices.  It is available here and if you or your kids have access to either of Apple's little wonder toys then check it out.