- The Ultimate Verb Resource for Teachers and Students

Just like Jenny Eather's Writing Fun dome web sites are just really useful and do simple tasks really well. is another classic example of this.

Just type the verb that you want to conjugate in any form. Any verb, regular or irregular. Click on “Conjugate.” A new page is instantaneously displayed, with the verb shown in all of its forms, voices and tenses.

This would now be my number one tool for teaching my students about verbs.  Check it out here.

Create Graphs straight from your browser with ChartGo

What is it?: This is my pick of the week by a long margin. is a great resource for creating a range of graphs in seconds online.  You do not need to register which always proves a class concentration killer and offers a range of styles of graphs from simple through to complex.  There is more than enough here to satisfy the juniors through to tertiary maths students.  my only complaint about this is that you cannot embed your finished graph onto your blog or web space.  You can however add a link to your chart.

How can I use this in the classroom? There are a number of applications in maths, for chartgo particularly in the are of statistics and data.  You might start out small by simply completing a simple class survey and graphing the results through to a complex statistical record of events in physics or chemistry.

Give this a shot in your next maths lesson, look forward to hearing how you use have used Chartgo for your needs.