Excellent learning games for students aged 6 - 10

This website has some great learning resources such as games, jigsaw puzzles, co-ordination games specifically targeted at children aged between 6 - 10.  All of the content is educationally appropriate and would be of use to kids at home or at school.  Access it here.

MobyGratis - Free Music for Students

This site has copyright-free music by Moby that students can use for their classroom projects.  You will need to create an account and can access ithere.

TinySpell - Great little spell checker for any application.

Occasionally you need to check spelling in an application that does not include a spelling checker and you don't want to launch your word processor just for that. This is when tinySpell becomes handy. It is a small utility that allows you to easily and quickly check and correct the spelling in any Windows application.
tinySpell can watch your typing on the fly and alert you whenever it detects a misspelled word.
It can also check the spelling of text that you copy to the clipboard.
tinySpell installs itself in the system tray for easy access.
It is free and you can get hold of it here.