Top Alternatives to Youtube

Unfortunately after a couple of years of Youtube access at school it appears it has finally left us.  It is clearly the best video sharing site on the web but if you can't access it it here is not a great deal you can do about it.  So I have trawled the web to try and find the best video content on the web that most schools should be able to access.

Vimeo - Is really the only contender to Youtube's crown.  Good quality, fast  and loads of content.  Unfortunately it doesn't have the news and entertainment content of the major networks that youtube offers.

TVGalaxy - TV Galaxy is not so much a tube but it is probably the best connected sitefor all major television networks from the US, Canada, UK and Australia.  It is packed with great documentaries news and regular television shows.

TeacherTube - It used to be great but now suffers from a sad amount of over advertising and neglect of it's content.  It needs some TLC but still has some worthwhile videos. - Massive amounts of documentaries, old TV shows and useful content.  Unfortuanately you have to physically download it at this stage - no streaming.

Other than that a TV tuner card for a classroom PC will cost about $30 and is dead simple to use and of course you can aways beg and plead

TV addict - The Home of Australian Internet TV

Australia has some of the best on demand TV services in the world.  ABC iview is a great example of rich content, documentaries and content that teachers can use regularly in the classroom.  TV addict is a collection of Australian Networks on demand services and there is even some excellent content here for international audiences at the bottom of the TV addict home page.  Check it out here.