Top Ten Tips for Technology Integration Slideshow

I came across this presentation from fellow Victorian Teacher Kathleen Morris which has some great ideas for integrating technology into the classroom in 2011.  If you liek what you see she has a newsletter you can subscribe to at for more of her great ideas every fortnight.  I hope you enjoy her presentation below as much as I did.

Create video slideshows online with Animoto

Set up a free account, upload photos to create a 30 second short 'film' set to great music. Can be embedded in a blog or wiki or shared with a friend.  Take a series of photos of growth of a plant. Place the photos in Animoto for a creative way to create.  Access Animoto here.


PhotoPeach is essentially the same as Microsoft PhotoStory 3 with the ability to add audio and text to a series of photo transitions but the big difference here is that it converts it to a web based video file that can either be linked to or embedded into a blog or web site that you can direct your audience to.  Check it out here.