The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Lattice Multiplication

It really amazes me how many teachers and inevitably students with years of experience that have never come across or taught lattice multiplication. Which is a brilliant alternative to traditional multiplication.

"What is Lattice Multiplication" you may ask?

Lattice multiplication offers a very simple alternative to traditional multiplication methods when dealing with whole numbers and decimals of any size.  I find it incredibly useful to use lattice multiplication with reluctant mathematician's who need to take a fresh look at solving both simple and complex equations.

I came across these two excellent slideshows that explain in simple terms for both teachers and students how to do lattice multiplication for whole numbers and decimals.  I would love to creadit the author who put them together but I cannot find any details.

Please share this with your kids and add this as another tool in your maths toolbox.


Japan 2011 Earthquake: Lesson Plan and Teaching Ideas

below is a slideshare I used in 2010 following the Haiti Earthquake which measured 7.1 on the Richter Scale but following the Christchurch (6.8) and Japan 8.9 Eathquakes this might be of great use to explain the basics of Earthquakes to your students.




Lesson Plan on Writing Great Narratives

I came across this brilliant presentation from Mungo13 about writing Narratives.  There is a great deal of information here on putting quality narratives together for students of all ages.



Useful tutorial on how to do long division for teachers and students

I have to teach long division tomorrow for the first ime in a long time and all i remember about it is that it is a long, confusing and involved process.  Instead of fumbling through text books to refresh my memory I was straight on to the web and found this brilliant step by step tutorial (below) that I will work through with my students.  It is really comprehensive and easy to follow.  I hope you enjoy it and get some use out of it.


This will be old news to most but it is new to Edgalaxy.  Slideshare should be considered the youtube of Slide shows.  Where people - and you hopefully can upload your PowerPoints or Keynotes up to slideshare for the whole world see and pillage.  It has tens of thousands of brilliant presentation on a multitude of topics and the best thing is that you can embed them into your own blog (see below) or download and edit them depending if the author has permitted this.  Check it out here - below is an embedded presentation for the uninitiated