Showme iPad App: Learning and Teaching Made Simple

ShowMe is a global learning community - a place where anyone can learn or teach anything.

Their mission is to make learning as accessible as possible, while giving great teachers and experts a platform to reach even more students.

The showme community has created hundreds of ShowMes, from chemistry to history to football strategy - and more knowledge is being shared everyday.

Flipping the Classroom

What if we could flip the traditional classroom model, where students struggle through lectures in class and left completely alone to do homework?

Teachers are making the flipped classroom a reality with ShowMe. By recording lectures for students to watch at home, teachers are using class time to inspire through group collaboration and project-based learning.

Learning by Teaching

Are quizzes and tests really the only way to assess students' knowledge?

As teachers know firsthand, teaching a particular subject helps you better understand it yourself. By putting ShowMe into students' hands, we can use Learning by Teaching to help students truly master a topic, not just prep for it.

Access ShowMe here.