Hooking Students in by linking Science with English and Maths

Thanks to Scott from mytopten.com.au for this one

Primary Connections…

Hi all,

Just  a quick post to let you know about this fantastic resource. It’s calledPrimary Connections!

It is a free online resource that you can use to assist teaching science in your classroom. It has everything you’ll need to teach the greatest science lessons! From giving you the science behind particular activities to all the printables and lists of resources you will need. In the units that you will view online, you will see the links between science, literacy and numeracy. I suggest trying the ‘Helicopter’ Experiment in the Push and Pull unit as there are so many links to maths and literacy.

If you are interested in the resource, contact them and they will organise someone to speak to you. I just went to a professional development day with them and it was great. They may even give you all the units for free…