Maths & Health Lesson Plan: McMaths Fast Food Challenge

Lesson McMaths Fast Food Challenge:  Recommended for students aged 11 - 16.

This Lesson Covers both curriculum areas of Maths and Health including percentages, conversion & Calculations, Food tables, nutritional Value and Recommended Daily Intake.

I did this series of lessons earlier in the year with my students and it was one of the best learning experiences we had as we learnt a great deal about nutrition and some pretty open ended maths strategies over the course of the week that it runs for. 

Students were really engaged learning about these 'fast' foods they eat regularly and the excessive amount of calories they consume if they are not selective when eating out at fast fast food venues.  More so some of them were shocked at the amount of exercise required to burn off that Big Mac, Coke and Fries and really started to make the connection that 'fast food' was a 'slow slog' to burn off.





The Learning Intentions for this lesson were.

•    Students will research a variety of take-away food menus to examine the amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein contained within some of their favourite fast foods.
• Students will create a menu to eat from a variety of fast food venues for an entire day to determine if it is possible to eat a nutritional diet of fast food venues alone. Students must that they stay within recommended dietary requirements for their age.
• During this task students will be using a range of mathematical concepts and procedures and gain a better understanding of reading food labels and making sense of what they mean.
• It is recommended that students have a basic understanding of the five major food groups and the food pyramid before completing this activity.

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