Maths game to improve four operations understanding from Michael Ymer

Thanks again to Michael Ymer for another great maths warm up game.

10 in a row- Choosing and using operations

A game suitable for students from Prep to Year 6.

Children play game in pairs. All picture cards removed leaving numbers 1 – 10.

Place 10 cards face up in a row. The remainder of the deck kept together face down. Students take it in turn rolling a ten sided dice [ Can use a six sided dice ]. Using the number that is displayed the student is challenged to use combinations of cards to equal the number. Cards used to make the answer are collected and kept by each student and then replaced from the deck. The game continues until all cards have been used. Young children will use addition / subtraction to make answers using two cards. Older or more able students can use any combination of operations, decimals, negative numbers, fractions, order of operations etc and use up to five cards. Students need to articulate how they make the answer, trying to gather more cards than their partner.


Use six sided dice. Offer counters that can be added to total collection of cards at end of game for using operations and signs other than addition or subtraction.

Roll two dice making a two digit number as the target.