A collection of lesson plan templates

I came across this folder of lesson plan templates that are freely available on the web.  As there is no one size fits all solution to lesson planning I thought these might be of use a reference tool in creating a lesson plan to best meet your needs.  If you have any other suggestions to add please feel free to email them through.

The First 100 & 200 most commonly used words charts.


High frequency words are quite simply those words which occur most frequently in written material.  For example, "and", "the", "as" and "it".

They are often words that have little meaning on their own, but they do contribute a great deal to the meaning of a sentence.

Some of the high frequency words can be sounded out using basic phonic rules, e.g. "it" is an easy word to read using phonics. However, many of the high frequency words are not phonically regular and are therefore hard to read in the early stages. 

These words are sometimes called tricky words, sight words or camera words. In addition to being difficult to sound out, most of the high frequency words have a rather abstract meaning which is hard to explain to a child.


Below you can download our first 100 and second 100 most commonly used words chart for your classroom as a display or simply to put in front of your child when they are doing their homework to assist them with spelling.

Download First 100 High Frequency Words Chart - Bold Print. 

Download First 100 High Frequency Words Chart - Handwritten Font.

Download Second 100 High Frequency Words Chart - Bold Print.

Download Second 100 High Frequency Words Chart - Handwritten Font.

* Please note all of our posters are originally designed using high resolution images and fonts at A3 paper size.  Be aware it will be automatically resized to your default paper size when using Adobe Acrobat Reader without any loss of quality.  If you would like to print these documents at larger sizes you can read the Adobe Resize & Scaling FAQ here.

Finally if you would like to purchase a completely editable version of this document to alter without any restrictions you can purchase it for $10.00 simply by emailing us.

Amazing Paper Craft Printables

Canon has gone all out to produce the most impressive collection of paper craft printables I've ever seen. Your students will absolutely love them.

The premise is simple:  First, you select from one of the categories such as art, architecture, transport, fantasy or my personal favourite craftown that allows you to print out templates for items to make an entire paper city.

Next, print out the template and instructions.

Then, Construct.  Some are very simple and others are quite complex but each one is rated for difficulty so you can decide what to to attempt and leave out.

Finally - You could work these into an art lesson, a maths lesson about 2D and 3D shapes, or even use them as props in a digital animation.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Please take a look at Canon's Paper Crafts today as it won't disappoint and best of all it's free.

Great websites for Christmas activities

Christmas page for teachers:  Christmas around the world, Christmas trivia, quiz suggested fiction and picture books and and printable worksheets.

Kaboose Christmas:  How to wrap a present, games, printables and word finds, craft and songs.

Christmas Craft Projects:  Make a variety of Christmas projects including recipes, ornaments, recycled craft and how to videos.

Microsoft Word Christmas Cards:  Free Christmas card templates across many styles.  Can be modified with your own text and images.

Free online printables, puzzles and games for younger students

This would be highly recommend to younger children and offer some creative time for fast finishing students.

Coloring4all.com offers Free online coloring pagesprintableskids puzzles,drawing game and connect the dots (dot to dot) are interesting and funny, help children develop important skills. Color dozens of pictures online, including all kids favorite cartoon stars, animals, flowers, and more. Traditional colouring book is a type of book containing line art for a reader to add color. They are generally used by children. Like many other activities, coloring-in has gone digital. Most children can't resist to do these activities. Here you will find fun and educational kids activities: pick a color and click on any element of the picture to fill it. You can follow the suggested thumbnail picture at the bottom right corner or add your own colors.

Access coloring4all.com here.