20 great podcasts for busy teachers

A few years back I worked at a school that was about an hour from where I lived.  Initially the drive used to drive me insane, but then someone put me onto some really great teaching podcasts. 

I found these in many ways superseded what I learnt about teaching at university becasue they were fresh, small managable chunks of information that came from real teachers in the classroom who were speaking about real life issues.

The other great thing about it was that I could focus on things that really interested me and just pass on those things that didn't.

Below I have put totgether a list of 20 great podcasts from all areas of teaching that are really worth a look.

Be sure to make a comment below if you feel that any others should be added.

With Students in Mind: Matt and Russ share learning with students in mind

English for Everyone: Find vocabulary, learning guides, and more from English for Everyone.

Classical Mythology Podcast: Investigate gods, heroes, and myths from the Greek and Roman world.

NPR: Education: NPR: Education has perspectives on great teachers, learning, classrooms, and more.

Grammar Girl: Grammar Girl offers quick and dirty tips for better writing.

Smithsonian American Art Museum: This podcast highlights art and the American experience at the Smithsonian.

Educational Insights: The Educational Insights program will help you with educational methods and instructional practices.

EnglishPod: Find audio lessons and more for English on EnglishPod.

Middle School Matters: Middle School educators can find news, conversation, links, and more on Middle School Matters.

Tech Chick Tips: Listen to the Tech Chicks for information about teaching 21st century students.

Bit by Bit: Bob Sprankle’s podcast shares discoveries, tips, and more in elementary technology.

Science on the Wild Side: This podcast features science, nature, and news.

Science Update: Science Update offers stories on discoveries in science, as well as answers to science questions.

Douchy’s Biology: See interesting subjects in biology with Andrew Douchy.

The Virtual Staffroom: The Virtual Staffroom Podcast features conversations with teachers about classroom technology.

The Ed Tech Crew: This weekly podcast discusses technology in education.

Foundations of American Cyberculture: Think critically about American cyberculture by following this podcast.