Excellent Science Videos & Lesson Plans for Teachers

Alan Alda's Scientific American Frontiers Program has been on air for over 15 years now and over that time they have put together hundreds of amazing documentaries for students of all ages.  PBS have now compiled all that video into a teacher resource site that teachers and students can not only watch but there are now also attached lesson plans for primary and secondary students.  If you love science then this is definitely worth a look.  Take a look at it here.

ICT / Computer Lesson ideas for every year level

These are a great collection of complete computer lesssons for every year level covering a masss of ICT activities.  Really Great stuff for Primary school here.  Check it outhere.

Digital Literacies Lesson - Cause & Effect

Here is my digital literacies lesson for the week.  It is based around Greek Mythology and explores the relationship between Cause and Effect.  Students need to watch the short animated Greek Mythology stories, read about Greek gods, Mortals and Monsters and then identify the cause and effect sequences that are occurring within each story to further identify a message.  View the slideshare below or just download it here.

Summary of Lesson

žYou are going to identify the cause and effect of each of the four stories and see if you can identify a message or a moral to the story.

Curriculum Links

English, History

Digital literacies cause and effect

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Thousands of Free Lesson Plans at Thinkfinity

Thinkfinity is a really great resource for teachers that is new to me but has been probably used by a few of our readers for a while.  It contains a massive database of lesson plans across all curriculum areas that is very easy to navigate and filter down to meet your needs.

There is an interactive tools section that has plenty of content to stimulate student learning including educational games.

If you havent been to Thinkfinity for a while then this is definitel worth a look especially next time you are planning.

NASA Lessons Central


NASA has archived all of their lesson plan publications of the last half century into PDF format that can printed out or simply shared on an Interactive White Board.  They cover all age groups and knowledge levels.  Anyone doing any work on Space should take a look and grab what they need.  Click here to access these great resources.