Create a picture story book online with little bird tales


What is it? Little Bird tales allows you take photos, scanned images or to draw straight into a picture book and add text to support your images.  It's biggest feature however is that it allows you to then narrate your story and pop it up online for others to see.  It is incredibly simple to use and operates all from within the browser but the biggest downfall I see is that it does not allow you to embed your story into webspace.

How can I use this in the Classroom? I would really recommend this for your junior students due to its simplicity and limited options.  Grade preps to around grade 4 will find this a pretty useful tool to create a narrated picture-book or story but older students may tire of it's simplicity a little too fast.

Check out the video below for a full demo of what it can do and click here to access little bird tales.