Exploring the science of skateboarding

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Sometimes it can be difficult to hook certain kids into different areas of education and capture their attention. 

Exploratorium has put together an excellent site that will certainly interest anyone who has picked up a skateboard or watched and wondered how people like Tony Hawk, can do their amazing tricks.

Skateboard Science has some really purposeful links to physics, general science and physical education that both explain how to do some complex tricks on a skateboard and also explain the background to what is actually occurring from a scientific perspective.

Take a look at skateboard science here.



Here are a number of great science lessons plans for middle school students.  Enjoy



I came accross this great collection of physical science lessons for elementary students.  The activities are really well planned and easy to follow.  I hope you can use them.

50 Physics Lesson Plans for Middle school Students


Here are a number of great science lessons plans for middle school students.  Enjoy

Awesome science experiments for your classroom


ScienceBob has been a self confessed science nut for years and has appeared in hundreds of classrooms, textbooks and even television shows around the globe. He has a great collection of really fun and innovative science lessons that can be done in nearly any classroom.

My kids did the hoop glider experiment today and it was a real success. Access ScienceBob here and let me know how you go with any of his experiments below by adding a comment.

Science Lesson Plan: Ideas in Motion: Illustrating Basic Science Concepts

Thanks to By JENNIFER CUTRARO AND HOLLY EPSTEIN OJALVO from the NY Times for this brilliant Lesson

Overview | What can we learn from comics or graphic novels? How do visual representations of science concepts aid our understanding of them? In this lesson, students explore different ways of representing topics in science. They address whether entertainment can also be educational, and write their own comic strips that explain science concepts. Read more…

17 Great Interactive Sites to learn about Forces and Motion

Currently we are looking at forces and motion Science and I came across these great sites that have a range of interactive activities including design a skate park, simple machines, Funderstanding roller coaster simulation and the Pendulum experiment.  Access them here