Free Halloween Themed Writing Pack - A Horrifically Useful Resource


Horror, suspense and mystery has produced some of the greatest literature and film of all time, and what better time of year to capitalize on this genre of writing than Halloween.

This Halloween writing pack will provide plenty of incentives and visuals to help your students produce their scariest work yet.

These themed writing packs look great and will inspire kids to write and step up their presentation skills as opposed to simply writing on standard paper.

Download the Halloween writing pack for free here.

The Pack looks great, and has 8 different themed pages that include.

  • A Visual map for planning the characters, setting, problem & plot.

  • A planning tool for constructing a narrative.

  • Half Page Dotted thirds with a space for a picture

  • Full page themed dotted thirds with images.

  • Bordered Themed lined writing paper.

We have a number of themed writing packs and other printable paper for teachers and students that can be downloaded for free.

Free Classroom Poster: Quadrilaterals

Here is another great math poster to decorate your classroom.  Today's poster is about quadrilaterals and illustrates the six major quadrilateral shapes.

Quadrilateral just means "four sides" (quad means four, lateral means side).  Any four-sided shape is a Quadrilateral.   The sides have to be straight, and it has to be 2-dimensional.

Quadrilaterals are simple (not self-intersecting) or complex (self-intersecting), also called crossed. Simple quadrilaterals are either convex or concave.

The interior angles of a simple quadrilateral ABCD all add up to 360 degrees of arc,

Anyhow, there are some facts on quadrilaterals, you can download this great poster here.

* Please note all of our posters are originally designed using high resolution images and fonts at A3 paper size. Be aware it will be automatically resized to your default paper size when using Adobe Acrobat Reader without any loss of quality. If you would like to print these documents at larger sizes you can read the Adobe Resize & Scaling FAQ here.

Finally if you would like to purchase a completely editable version of this document to alter without any restrictions you can purchase it for $10.00 simply by emailing us.

Classic Printable Battleship Game for Students

Battleship is a classic game of strategy and logic kids of all ages love to play.  Best of all, it is a great to play in your maths class as it teaches students how to use a cartesian plane and understand how to use co-ordinates on a grid.

I have made up two PDF versions of the classic battleship game you can download and print

The first one is the traditional battleship game and the second one is the slightly more advanced 4 quadrant version of Battleship which is more suited to secondary students.

"You just sunk my Battleship!"


Let the Textbook Revolution Begin

Textbook Revolution is a student-run site dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by teachers and professors. We want to get these materials into classrooms. On this site you'll find links and reviews of textbooks and select educational resources. Some of the books are PDF files, others are viewable online as e-books, or some are simply web sites containing course or multimedia content.

Access Textbook Revolution Here

Convert any PDF Document to Word for Free

You may have a number of PDF files that you have scanned or recieved as an email and you simply want to change one slight element of that document and use it with your staff and students.  

PDF to Word is a totally free site that allows you to upload a file convert and email it to yourself in seconds.  Very useful and practical.

Check it out here.

Free Keyboard Shortcut Posters for your Classroom or Lab

I often get students who take a long time to do simple functions on a computer or get confused as to what keys do what in certain applications.  So I have put together this free printable collection of PDF's for you to download and stick in your computer lab or classroom.  I hope you enjoy them and you can download them here.

Get our First Ever eBook Free: 13 Tech Ideas that will Change the way you Teach

After many requests from readers I have finally got around to putting together an eBook.  The book is titled "Become a 21st Century Teacher Two Hours - 13 Technology ideas that will change the way you teach."

And no matter what level of Nerd you are I guarantee there will be a few ideas and tools you can use with your students immediately.  The book is completely free of course and you simply need to click on the image below to find out more and get your hands on it.

I hope you enjoy it and hopefully the next won't be too far away.

Convert any web page to a PDF instantly

Not really much here to add.  PDFmyURL converts any web page exactly as it stands to a PDF document. much like a screen capture but into something that you have a bit more editorial control over in terms of dealing with text and images.  

This is a handy little tool for researchers or if you needed some evidence of what a site was running on a specific day. Access it here.