Build your own 'wild self' just like 'Where the Wild Things Are'


What is it?  Your kids will really love using this website from the New York Zoo's and Aquarium group.  They create a model of them self in a great looking storybook art style and then add some wild features such as scales, claws extra eyes and legs.  They can then set them self in a wild setting and save the image to be used elsewhere.

How can I use this in the classroom? This is a great creative activity for young readers who are reading a text like 'Where the Wild things are' they can initially create a model of their wild self print it out and create a narrative  or piece of writing based around that image.  You may also find a use for this if you are exploring mythology, animals and what elements go into creating some famous monsters such as a minotaur.  Have a go of build your wild self here.