Students, Mobile phones and Potential Cancer Risks???

Today the World Health Organisation released an interesting press release about the Potential risks of mobile phones and links to brain cancer.  Let me repeat that I am not saying these devices cause cancer but they have officially been given the 'maybe' status by the worlds most recognised health Advisory Centre.

Many teenagers spend hours on these devices every day and this could be an issue they might like to know more about.

For years as a teacher in health classes we have discussed the risks of smoking, drugs, bad diet and so on... So should we make an issue of this or are we just scaremongering...

I would probably err on the side of caution and tell students the potential risks and let them make their own minds up but I would strongly recommend the following use of a mobile phone until we know a little more facts.

Try to limit talk time on mobile phones - text MSG or landline where possible.

Try and carry your phone in a bag - not in pockets etc.

If you are going to play games for extended periods - Switch to Airplane mode - This will turn off all radios in the phone

I often look at the wireless points plastered around our schools and wonder what the deal is with those too.  We all have a right to ask questions when it comes to our health.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic as both a student or a teacher.