5 Historical Misconceptions Explained - Maybe?

This is an interesting video to share with your students for a couple of reasons in my eyes. 

The first one is that maybe there is a great deal of truth to these new found facts and raises the question of why do we find the need to alter history to suit our needs?

And secondly, how do we ensure our history is truthfully recorded and left for future generations to analyse?

We are already seeing living history challenged and debunked such as the absolutely nonsensical debate that possibly man never landed on the moon. Then certain sectors of society claiming that that Jewish Holocaust of WW2 never actually happened.

They are 20 years only a slick youtube video away from a classroom full of kids believing them, and carrying that story on as fact with no eye witnesses to challenge them.

History should be a recount of factual events for generations to reconstruct and analyse, not a dangerous game of Chinese whispers. 

Plenty of great discussion material for teenagers.