Math Card Game - Cover Up – Choosing and using operations

Thanks to Michael Ymer for this game suitable for students from Year 1 to Year 6.

Children play the game in pairs. A deck of cards with all pictures removed. Game board with the numbers 0 -20 displayed in a grid.

Each child has 7 counters of the same colour. Their partner has a different colour.

Children take it in turns taking two cards at a time from the top of the deck and add or subtract the numbers to make an answer from 0 - 20. One of their seven counters is placed on that number. The objective is to get rid of all counters first. If a student lands on top of number that has their partner’s counter on it they take the place and send the counter back to their partner. Students can have more than one counter of their own on the same number but if their opponent lands on that number all counters are sent back.

Variations....use three cards, use dice instead of cards, allow any operation, simplify the game by using a 0 – 12 board and a cards 1 to 6 or a six sided dice.