Math Game Time

Math Game Time is a great hub for flash-based games and videos revolving around math. There are a ton of appealing interactive games targeted at students from Pre-K to Middle School. The video section of the site has curated a bunch of quality YouTube videos. For those that have an iPad, paid app versions of some of the games are available.

Learn Maths through Play with

Why Math Games?

Hooda Math believes in math learning through play. Mr. Edlavitch credits board and card games for his early enjoyment of mathematics. Hooda Math believes free online math games can do the same for students today.


Hooda Math can be used in a number of ways. Their online math games can be used for computer lab activities with/without Their free math worksheets. Their math games can also be used with your interactive whiteboards, check out our SMARTboard Games page. Middle and Highschool students can do Math Movie projects with and submit them to us for publication. A classroom teacher favorite is their free online math tool, Math Timed Tests that emails individual reports back to teachers and students.

Hooda Math was created by Michael Edlavitch, a middle school math teacher. Web design is done by his wife Teresa. Last year Michael left classroom teaching to focus on Hooda Math full-time. How else would Hooda Math put up 3 new cool math games a week?