Masher - Mash up your media

What is it?  Masher let’s you easily create a video by mashing together video clips, music tracks and photos. So you can create a video to brag about your holiday, to wish your friend happy birthday, or to show off your creative side and post it up on the web in a number of locations.

Masher has an incredible built-in library of footage and music that you can use in your creations for free. The free video library archive features thousands of high quality clips, including footage from CBS News, BBC Motion Gallery, China Central Television, NHK Japan, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Rip Curl, Huntley Archives and many more. The music has been provided by Audio Networks and Slam, experts in online music and production..

How can I use it in my teaching and learning?  Definitely for your older kids high school and up, this can offer them a chance to become an editor or creator to put together a music video clip, documentary or use their own photos to make a pretty funky photostory with some web effects laid over the top.

What level of expertise is required?  This is not particularly difficult but your younger students might question the point a little when there are simpler options available.  But high school and tertiary students will really appreciate the size and quality of the library.  You do need to register to use it which is always another deterrent to quick and simple access.

Masher is available here