Christmas Connections around the Globe - Geography Lesson


This fun activity will be a hit with students that need an engaging review of locations located around the globe.  Students will be provided with locations that Santa Clause is traveling to.  The official name of those Christmas celebrations will be provided to add cultural focus into the identification of these locations around the world.  Students will work with team mates to identity the locations as they are drawn out of a basket.  They will then have a limited amount of time to use their geography skills to pinpoint Santa’s location using the clues provided.  For this activity, a world map will need to be displayed using a Smart board or a paper version of a world map will work too!

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Classic Printable Battleship Game for Students

Battleship is a classic game of strategy and logic kids of all ages love to play.  Best of all, it is a great to play in your maths class as it teaches students how to use a cartesian plane and understand how to use co-ordinates on a grid.

I have made up two PDF versions of the classic battleship game you can download and print

The first one is the traditional battleship game and the second one is the slightly more advanced 4 quadrant version of Battleship which is more suited to secondary students.

"You just sunk my Battleship!"


Classic Battleships Game - Great for Maths


Battleships is a great game for teaching students about using co-ordiantes and understanding chance and data.

Give each player a pencil and printout the gameboard which we got from The top grid is for your own fleet ("My Ships") and the bottom grid is where you try to locate the other player's fleet ("Their Ships").

First you decide where to place your own fleet within your grid. A fleet is made up of one Aircraft Carrier, one Battleship, one Cruiser, two Destroyers and two Submarines. Each type of ship covers a different number of boxes in the grid, as shown on the print-out, and is drawn vertically or horizontally (not diagonally). Ships cannot occupy the same square.

To place a ship, check how many boxes are covered by the ship (shown to the left of your grid) and then write the first letter of the name of the ship in the boxes it covers. For example, a Cruiser covers three boxes so you would pick any three adjacent boxes and put the letter C in each box. Keep your fleet location secret from your oponent! When each player has marked their fleet on their grid, begin play.

Take turns to “shoot” at your opponents’ fleet by calling out the number of a certain box by its grid location. For example, you could call out "B4" or "D1". Your opponent must say whether the shot is a "miss" or a "hit", and, if it is a "hit", what type of ship it is. You can keep track of what you have shot on your lower grid, and the ships you have sunk by crossing off the ships at the bottom right of your print-out.
Play continues until one player wins by successfully sinking the whole of the other player's fleet.


Galactic Theme Park: Awesome Week Long Maths Project



The Galactic theme park is a brilliant maths project for students from years 3 - 9.  It offers a large range of mathematical challenges and students will love the creativity associated with it. 

Everything is included here.  Teachers and Students will need to work through the downloadable booklet and Grid paper required to complete the task and I have also included a PowerPoint above as an overview of how the project works for you to introduce it to students on your IWB.

This is a great authentic assessment task for students and will keep them busy and engaged for at least 4 - 5 lessons.  Enjoy.