ZuiTube: The Largest Video Collection for Kids

From the creators of Kidzui a a browser designed for kids with the potential to keep them out of the worst areas of the web by providing interesting content that draws them to its more useful and appropriate parts comes Zuitube a safe youtube portal for kids.

Here are some features.

  • The largest collection of online videos for kids. We add new videos daily.
  • The videos have been reviewed by parents and teachers.
  • Kids can search for videos in a simple manner that works for non-readers as well as readers.
  • Kids can browse more than 6,000 channels, that were created from popular searches and subjects in KidZui.
  • Kids can browse based on tags. The videos were tagged by kids in KidZui.
  • Parents can share videos they find on ZuiTube with friends and family. Kids can share videos safely with other kids in KidZui, because no personal information is exchanged.

KidZui complies with the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). COPPA requires that we get parental approval before KidZui can be used by kids.

On an interesting note all of the videos are actually hosted on youtube, so Kidzui is really a filtering system, so you might want to check your school proxy security settings if it won't work initially.  Never the less you can can feel a great deal more confident on Zuitube than Youtube.