Jenny Eather's new maths dictionary for students

Jenny Eather has been a long time contributor to the world of online teaching resources and unfortunately most of them have now gone to the commercial world. This year she has released a great animated maths dictionary which we can only hope will remain free for a little while longer yet.

It has hundreds of animated examples of key mathematical concepts that will look great on your interactive whiteboard.  Be sure to check it out here today.

Kidipede - Simple information for students

Kidipede is a kids' encyclopedia, online since 1996. A lot of kids use Kidipede for school reports or for homeschooling. You can find out about Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt, or how to make yogurt, or about why fires need air to burn. Kidipede will tell you who invented algebra, and what happens in the Iliad, and what Confucius said. Click here to access it.