Teach your students the history of the internet

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Many people alive today can’t remember a time before the internet; it can be easy to forget how recently the internet was closer to science fiction than reality. In a little over forty years, the internet has evolved from a small network to an almost infinite source of information available around the world -- and even in outer space.

This interactive website is a great opportunity to introduce students and teachers into the people, technology and events that led us to where we currently are in cyberspace.

The History of the Internet

What is it?  I have seen a few recaps of the beginnings of the internet but this is by far the most concise one that I have seen.  It highlights all the major players, and technologies that shaped the world wide web as we know it today with loads of relevant information, images and links.

How can I use this in the classroom?  Get your kids to create a mindmap about how the internet has changed our lives? Get them to list as many facets as they can then get your students to go through the website and choose their top 3 technologies from the list to share with your class. 

Check it out here